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Product care and maintenance section


Follow these maintenance instructions to care for your product:


Clean regularly with a soft, slightly damp cloth.


How can I get my luggage repaired?

You can look for the nearest repair center here or you can fill in this form.

How can I open my padlock if I've forgotten the combination?

You can send an email to us at and we will give you all the assistance you need.

How do I set the padlock combination?


Think of a combination of three numbers that you can use for your lock.
Press the small button on the side of the padlock with a pen or pointed tool.
Keeping the key pressed, select the combination you chose by turning the wheels with the numbers. Release the key, your combination has been registered.


1) Open the case, on the back of the lock inside the box; you will see a change lever, move lever to position 2.
2) Now you can set your personal number by turning the dials to the desired combination.
3) Once done move the lever back to position 1, taking care not to disturb the dials.
Your combination has been set. As a check, turn the dial to new combination and confirm that the case opens. Please write down your number so that you do not forget it.

Can I carry my bag onto aircraft as cabin baggage?

Secondo la normativa IATA (Associazione Internazionale Trasporto Aereo) il bagaglio da cabina deve presentare le seguenti dimensioni massime: lunghezza 56 cm, larghezza 45 cm e profondità 25 cm. Queste dimensioni includono ruote, maniglie, tasche laterali, etc. Nota importante: a seconda delle limitazioni sulle capacità degli aeromobili o per scelte commerciali, alcune compagnie aeree applicano ulteriori restrizioni relative alle dimensioni e/o al peso del bagaglio. Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano non può essere ritenuta responsabile dell'applicazione di altri standard di check-in da parte delle compagnie aeree. É sempre opportuno documentarsi sulle restrizioni della compagnia aerea prima di partire.


The goods will be delivered by DHL in five working days from the day of delivery in the following countries:

Austria Belgium Bulgaria
Croatia Denmark Estonia
Finland France Germany
Greece Republic of Ireland Italy
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Netherlands Poland Portugal
United Kingdom Czech Republic Romania
Slovakia Slovenia Spain
Sweden Hungary

In the above-mentioned countries the shipping costs add up to 10 Euro (VAT included).

A shipment identification number will be assigned to each order and will allow you to track the progress of the shipment within the site To Place an order from a country not served by our ecommerce, contact us at